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Technologies and equipment for stocktaking

Inventory of any type, often seems a serious problem for the majority of the enterprises, regardless of their field of activity.

How to carry out stocktaking on the object you solve yourself. Today still there are "orthodox" companies in which auditors are compelled to search for items in the inventory list, to mark their real existence in the list, and on property to give the corresponding mark.

Our company uses the technology of bar coding leading in the market together with own software for carrying out stocktakings of any type.

This scheme allows us to provide to our Partners:

  • to carry out the automatic identification based on a method of optical reading of information;
  • to reduce costs of inventory process implementation;
  • to exclude accidents and mistakes at recalculation of goods and units of property;
  • to trace process of work on object in real time;
  • to look through all types of reports, the statistician, ratings;
  • to output results of inventory in any a format convenient for you quickly;
  • and, the most important, to develop technologies of decrease level of losses, regarding on the basis of the obtained data , thereby increasing business profitability of Partners.