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Day retailers and Black friday
August 2016
Global sale – this is a kind of religion for everyone, who can not imagine their life without the promising words "discount". In this discount race wins each.

The day of family, love and fidelity
July 2016
Happy to call a man who has a family and a home where he was waiting for, I love and care about him. Family is what gives us the power and desire to develop and succeed

On 1 July WE celebrated 8 years!
July 2016
The birthday of the Company is another indicator of our joint work, dedication, professionalism and capitalization Success!

Day of Medicine and Pharmacy
June 2016
This week, celebrate the holiday the representatives of one of the most important and desired professions on earth.

Light Industry Day
June 2016
Let's appreciate the work of those who are responsive to our changing needs and produces the needed goods, adapting to the interests of buyers.

International Children's Day
May 2016
The smiles and happiness of children is perhaps one of the best that can please the eye.

Day inventories
May 2016
Then came and our professional holiday!

Victory day
May 2016
Since the Victory in the great Patriotic war so many years have passed, but the memory keeps important.

Labor Day
April 2016
Life is boring if there is no favourite work, partners, colleagues, fulfillments, victories and the new purposes in it!

Formula Kontrol in CIS
April 2016
The geography of services rendering grows constantly.

The day of the book and copyright
April 2016
We congratulate all bibliophiles and all who aren't indifferent to reading...

Cosmonautics day
April 2016
In day of astronautics we want to congratulate all.

We declare the new Promotion timed to the DAY of ARCHIVE
March 2016
March is full of holidays and significant events, one of them is Day of Archive! 

Congratulations on Women's day!
March 2016
We congratulate on the spring coming and the most flower holiday...

Action in honor of a Day of immunity holiday on March the 1st
February 2016
Action in honor of a Day of immunity holiday on March the 1st...

We congratulate every man with the 23th of February holiday!
February 2016
We congratulate every man with the 23th of February holiday...

Happy New Year 2016!
January 2016
We congratulate everyone with New Year 2016!

Announcement of expanded functionality form configurator
October 2015
Dear friends, as promised, the long-awaited announcement of new functionality of the site!

Expansion of functionality of the site - all for your convenience!
September 2015
Dear friends, clients, Partners! The FORMULA CONTROL company is happy to report about expansion of functionality of our website...

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