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Consulting — is the analysis and justification of prospects of development using scientific and technical and organizational and economic innovations taking into account subject domain and the client's problems.

The structure of consulting services includes:

  • Primary research, during which:
    • basic needs and problems of operational sites of the studied system come to light, by means of the high-quality analysis;
    • idea of the main stages of merchandising is formed;
    • the working group for realization of joint interaction is created;
    • measurement of current state and indicators before introduction of technology.
  • Identification of problem areas:
    • identification of the actual level of losses;
    • systematization of the results received during check;
    • control checks of safety of the existing business processes of merchandising and the account.
  • Planning and development of the decision:
    • the description of the existing technology of conducting target processes;
    • development of strategy of optimization of "bottlenecks" taking into account potential benefits;
    • formation of recommendations to the management of the company (plan of fast actions);
  • Control:
    • periodic and/or systematic tracking changes of results of an operating system;
    • audit of separate processes performance and account;
    • the notice of the management about deviations from the approved regulations and instructions of the responsibles;
    • measurement of current state and indicators after introduction of the changed system with the subsequent analysis and development of decisions.