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Special offers

Temporary promotion of the company and limited offers

Day retailers and Black friday

Global sale – this is a kind of religion for everyone, who can not imagine their life without the promising words "discount". In this discount race wins each. Sale – a tradition which, more discounts allows Clients to get, purchasing a variety of goods or, in our case, services.

There comes a Day retailers, and we are announcing their Black Friday and not one day, but three weeks will have a new offer: save up TO 50% on the development and implementation of the Project professional inventory in all market segments.

Details in the projects Department.

The day of family, love and fidelity

Happy to call a man who has a family and a home where he was waiting for, I love and care about him. Family is what gives us the power and desire to develop and succeed.

We wish all our Partners have their own "family" at work!

Let each team is all about mutual understanding, friendship and commitment.

We, as products for the home, create coziness, comfort and order in your accounting system, so we announce a new project!

10% discount on project development for new Partners in the segment of "Goods for home".

Day of Medicine and Pharmacy

This week, celebrate the holiday the representatives of one of the most important and desired professions on earth. Our heartfelt congratulations on the Day of medicine and pharmacy to all the people who are fussing about our health! Let workdays bring a new victory, and each free moment fills your body with happiness and fun!

And, of course, we all know and remember that a professional inventory is the thermometer of your business that will help keep your processes in shape!

Until the end of June we have a special offer: cost reduction of 10% in project development for new Partners in the segment of pharmaceuticals by an independent inventory.

Light Industry Day

Let's appreciate the work of those who are responsive to our changing needs and produces the needed goods, adapting to the interests of buyers. In this regard, there is a constant increase in the range and the emergence of new products, so it is important to have control over the commodity balances and merchandise inventory through professional.

In connection with this occasion to announce a special promotion for a cost reduction of 15% in project development for new Partners in the segment of CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES.

International Children's Day

The smiles and happiness of children is perhaps one of the best that can please the eye. They are so full of trust and sincerity that will melt even the most strict and tempered heart problems. And only we adults can make childhood carefree and bright. Let every child feels safe, needed, loved and very happy!

For the first two weeks of June we have a special offer: cost reduction of 15% in project development for new Partners in the segment of baby products.

Day inventories

Then came and our professional holiday!

We are happy to accept greetings and happy congratulations to all my Colleagues and Partners, with whom we have a bright and interesting Projects. Inventory accounting and fixed assets, namely, the result shows what you should pay attention to correct business processes in merchandising, accounting, it and control.

Well, in honor of our professional holiday until the end of the month we have a special offer: when developing a new project up to 20% discount.

The day of the book and copyright

The 23rd of April the whole world celebrates "The day of the book and copyright".

​We congratulate all bibliophiles and all who aren't indifferent to reading and of course whose working activity is connected with printed materials.

We wish you easy, interesting and safe work.

The special action works until the end of the month: reduction of cost for developing and implementation works of the Project to 20% during the first 3 months for new Partners in a segment of book production, periodicals, office, libraries, catalogs and other.

The Action «the Archive Day»

Action conditions:

  • discount size: 15%;
  • the discount extends to development and implementation of the Project;
  • the offer works from 3/10/2016 to 3/18/2016 years.

Action in honor of a day of immunity holiday on march the 1st

Action conditions:

  • discount size: 15%;
  • the discount extends to development of the Project to perform the test works;
  • the offer works from 2/28/2016 to 3/04/2016 years.

Summer offer: 15% to a retail

Promotion conditions:

  • in a segment of pharmaceutics and foodstuff;
  • 15% discount for carrying out complex inventory works;
  • for the first 10 objects;
  • The offer works till 8/31/2015.
  • Discount of 15% to retailers of pharmaceutics and foodstuff!

Сonstant offers

Carrying on long-term traditions, we provide to the Partners unique offers!
  1. We will organize and we will carry out to 3 professional inventories for new Partners at a discount to 50%!
  2. In case of unique partner programs we offer possibility of providing one object to trial professional inventory - absolutely free of charge!

You can specify conditions of these offers in Projects department.

These offers is for increasing the level of trust to a segment of the market of professional inventories. We don't try to receive simply the contract, we love the work, we appreciate each Partner and are glad to save your means and time!

Estimate our advantages and quality of the provided services!

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